Archangels - Making The Future

Decision Process

Assuming that the basic criteria for investment are met and that the company has decided that it is seeking equity investment then the following process will be undertaken.

  • The executive will review the business plan and let the company know  whether or not the proposal will be considered further.
  • If it is not suitable for Archangels, we will try and suggest other potential investment sources.
  • If it is considered to be suitable for further investigation, then a meeting will be held with the management team to discuss the plan and the needs of the company.
  • If there is still interest, then some basic due diligence will be undertaken and other members of the syndicate may become involved in the assessment.
  • The company will be asked to present to the Board of Archangels.
  • The investment and other resource needs of the company will be discussed and agreed and an outline deal structure will be set out.
  • Appropriate due diligence and preparation of standard investment agreements etc will commence in parallel.
  • The company will normally be asked to present to a forum of interested potential investor members.
  • A non-executive chairman and a further non-executive director will be identified and agreed with the management team.
  • Any debt or grant requirements will be finalised.
  • Completion of the investment will proceed.
  • Archangels endeavour to keep deal costs low, charging upon completion of a successful funding round a research fee to cover due diligence and the initial investment. We also use low cost standard legal agreements which keep the legal fees payable by the company for completion of an investment to a minimum. There is a modest annual fee to the companies to cover the costs of ongoing monitoring and liaison.

Latest News

Archangels reports exceptional year of investment in Scottish businesses

24 Feb 2015
Archangels, the prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing for over two decades, announces today (Tuesday 24th February) that 2014 represented one of its most active years for investment in Scottish-based early stage and established technology and life sciences businesses and provided strong levels of returns for investors.

Archangels and SIB invest £3.3m in three Scottish companies

15 Feb 2015
Archangels, the prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than two decades, announces that, alongside Scottish Enterprise's investment arm, Scottish Investment Bank (SIB), it has completed additional rounds of funding totalling over £3.3m for three growing Scottish businesses.

Powerphotonic - Beam Shaper Optics for Industrial Materials Processing

01 Oct 2014
PowerPhotonic continues to expand its range of beam shaper micro-optics for industrial materials processing. There are options for all laser types including single mode and multi-mode lasers. Designed in UV-fused silica glass, they are ideal for multi kilowatt high power applications. Greater than 95% intensity uniformity can easily be achieved

Airborne Energy in action

20 Sep 2014
Airborne Energy's vertical axis turbines have now been installed on several test sites. Click on the link below to view one in action.

Cable gets to grips with Great British design

25 Jun 2014
Business Secretary, Vince Cable, saw bionic limbs, an airship and a model of a hypersonic aircraft when he launched the ‘Pioneering Great British Products' report at Liverpool's Life Sciences University Technical College.