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AdministrateAdministrate is business management software built just for training providers. Training companies use Administrate to manage their instructors, courses, financials, relationships, external website and more. Delivered as a Software as a Service (Saas) via the web, Administrate supports hundreds of users around the world

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Airborne Energy

Airborne Energy Airborne Energy is a start-up company in small scale wind turbines. It is developing a novel vertical axis turbine aimed at the market where wind conditions may not be ideal. With the variable and turbulent winds that are typical in domestic and small industrial settings, the standard ‘propeller’ design of horizontal axis wind turbine is not optimal. The Airborne design seeks to take advantage of wind from all directions over a wide range of speeds, while avoiding the disadvantages traditionally associated with the vertical axis approach.

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ArrayjetArrayjet provides microarray scientists worldwide with a unique, scalable, high speed inkjet microarray platform, ideally suited to the production of very high quality microarrays from a range of sample types, including proteins, cell lysates and nucleic acids. The bench-mounted Arrayjet Sprint Inkjet Microarrayer is perfect for array development and optimisation, printing up to 20 microarray slides on-the-fly from up to 4 microtitre plates; alternatively, the floor-standing Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer series offers high throughput microarray production from medium –(Marathon; Super-Marathon) to industrial scale (Ultra-Marathon), all made possible by Arrayjet’s unique, on-the-fly piezoelectric print head and JetSpyder™ technology

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ATEEDAElectronic chips in phones, cars, and many other types of consumer equipment form part of a multibillion dollar global industry. ATEEDA helps multinational chip makers to cut their manufacturing costs and improve quality. Testing the chips work correctly typically takes one fifth of the manufacturing cost. ATEEDA's patented technology and software tools substantially cut this cost by making it much quicker using much simpler equipment. ATEEDA's latest product (LinBIST) even allows the chip to test itself, attracting keen interest from the top chip (also known as ‘semiconductor') corporations.

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Blackford Analysis Limited

Blackford Analysis LimitedBlackford Analysis Limited – based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. Spun out from Edinburgh University, heritage was in astronomy where Dr Ben Panter and colleagues developed the ability to process large amounts of information about the galaxies very quickly. The technology has now been applied to radiology where Blackford’s software allow radiologists to compare patients’ scans much more easily and quickly – make a significant difference given that patients are now getting up to 10 times the number of scans they used to get. The product has been very well received amongst radiologists in the US and recent fundraising supports growth in the sales and development resource.

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BloxxBloxx offers appliance-based Web filtering for medium and large organisations in both the business and public sectors. Bloxx has achieved unrivalled sales growth year-on-year to become the pre-eminent Web-filtering solution provider. Bloxx patented Tru-View Technology analyzes, categorizes and filters web pages in real time with multi-tiered filtering algorithms. Its cutting-edge intelligence helps organizations proactively manage user access to Web content. Overall, the technology serves to increase productivity, reduce risk and liability and improve network security and use. It is an intuitive solution that is easy to install, manage, and use and dramatically reduces IT management time

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CalcivisCalcivis is a dental medical device company based at the Edinburgh BioQuarter. The Company is focused on the clinical development and manufacture of a unique technology for the visualisation and assessment of active tooth decay and demineralisation.

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CXR Biosciences

CXR BiosciencesCXR Biosciences combines proprietary technologies and world-class scientific expertise to deliver customised preclinical and research solutions. Investigative and Mechanistic Toxicology - by understanding the pathways that define the sensitivity of cells to chemicals, CXR evaluates the actual hazard to man of drugs and chemicals. Drug Development Solutions - supporting informed decision making, avoiding potential problems and accelerating the drug discovery process. Since its foundation in 2001 CXR has been working with many of the world’s major pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical companies, as well as small biotechnology companies.

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Document Outsourcing

Document OutsourcingAs Scotland’s largest independent document management company, Document Outsourcing offers a complete, cost effective one-stop outsourcing solution for personalised ‘business critical’ documents - from creation through the lifecycle of document printing, distribution, postal management and electronic archiving.

Document Outsourcing’s customer base includes many blue chip organisations in public and private sectors across the U.K, where we have extensive specialist knowledge and presence, particularly in servicing Local Government and Debt Recovery organisations.

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Fios Genomics Limited

Fios Genomics LimitedEffective data analysis and interpretation is the bottleneck and pain point for the Pharmaceutical industry and Fios Genomics is ideally positioned to exploit emerging opportunities. Fios Genomics provides an extensive range of genomic and bioinformatic data analysis services to Pharma, CROs and academia for drug discovery & development and applied research. These services provide expert statistical and pathway-based approaches for the analysis and interpretation of a variety of data types generated from R&D, pre-clinical development and clinical validation for applications ranging from biomarker discovery & validation, pathway analysis, predictive toxicology, pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics (SNP genotyping/ next generation sequencing).

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Indigo Lighthouse

Indigo LighthouseIndigo Lighthouse is an established business process, outsourcing and data management company, based in Glasgow and Jersey employing circa 250 people. Indigo Lighthouse provides a bespoke service,handling business processes such as international financial payment collection, contact centre services and fulfilment operations for a range of U.K and European clients. On behalf of Clients Indigo manages annual sales of circa 100million euros and distributes in excess of 3 million packages each year from its warehouses in Glasgow and Jersey. Through the use of Indigo's bespoke SAP platform database management is a key differentiation factor. Sophisticated management information provides Clients with detailed analysis identifying market trends and market led solutions.

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Inquisitive Systems Limited

Inquisitive Systems LimitedInquisitive Systems flagship product ZoneFox protects from security breaches by monitoring where it’s most relevant: at the data level. Unlike competing products, ZoneFox monitors all activities providing real-time policy breach alerts and immediate offline forensic analysis. ZoneFox protects reputation, significantly reducing the risk of breach and the cost and impact should a breach occur. Inquisitive Systems is an Edinburgh based company with ambition to rapidly become a world leader in building information security software. Inquisitive Systems is a spin-out from Edinburgh Napier University

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LUX Innovate Ltd

LUX Innovate LtdLUX Innovate Ltd develops technologies to enable partners in the oil and gas industry to dose production chemicals more effectively and efficiently. The LUX Assure product portfolio helps ensure these chemicals are applied at optimal concentrations; by preventing over-use costs are cut and environmental risks mitigated. By identifying under-dosed systems better chemical regimes can be implemented.
LUX specialises in delivering robust, highly sensitive and simple to use chemical monitoring technologies for both offshore and onshore use. The novelty of approach has been recognised by the industry and more won awards for innovation.
LUX has collaborative partnerships with companies and research groups worldwide.

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MGB Biopharma

MGB BiopharmaMGB Biopharma Limited is a private target product profile oriented biopharmaceutical company specifically exclusively established for the development of completely new class of anti-infective medicines based on compounds which are DNA Minor Groove Binders (MGB). With a highly experienced team from pharma and biotech sectors it is dedicating its focus initially to the development of antibacterial small molecules which are effective against resistant bacteria. By selecting a new class in the application of anti-bacterial, the company believes the novel mode of action should prove to be very potent against bacteria as these target organisms will lack any inherent resistance, unlike that typically facing new drugs which are the result of modifications from existing classes of drugs used to treat bacterial infections.

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NC Tech

NC TechThe company was formed to develop and take to market a new innovative 360º camera product devised to address common problems with existing technologies in the market. The camera is unique in the market, IP filing is underway and feedback on the design and functionality from 360º users and resellers has been very positive.

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NetThings Limited

NetThings LimitedNetThings is an "Internet of Things" (IoT) company with a technology platform that enables a wide array of meters, sensors ,devices, plant, machinery and appliances to be interrogated and controlled via the internet.It also enables collected data to be analysed in the NetThings Cloud and be presented to any web-connected display such as a smart phone, tablet or third-party dashboard, while application-specific GUI's are used to provide users with a very tactile and easy-to-use means of viewing information and controlling devices. The company is able to deliver meaningful solutions in the fast growing markets of energy management,security, assisted living, smart homes, smart cities and many others.

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OregonOregon Timber Frame is now recognised as one of the UK's largest specialised timber frame suppliers.

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PowerPhotonicPowerPhotonic design and fabricate freeform refractive micro-optics for high-power laser applications. Their unique fabrication process allows the manufacture of micro-optics with a level of customisation and design flexibility that cannot be achieved using other manufacturing processes. Their beam correction process for high power diode lasers will enable a new generation of high-brightness diode laser sources for high-value industrial applications such as laser cutting and hybrid laser welding.

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ReactecReactec has a reputation for delivering trusted solutions to vibration problems through an innovative approach to challenges. Vast experience and skill has led to the creation of the award-winning HAVmeter system which is now at the forefront of Health and Safety monitoring and management. Reactec apply ingenuity and expertise to issues across a range of industries such as Renewables, Automotive, Civils and Semi-conductor manufacture and are now a valued partner in the design and development of major Renewable energy projects.

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Sentient Medical

Sentient Medical is developing a miniature Middle Ear Implant (MEI) for the relief of moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss – the type of hearing loss which affects about 90% of all hearing impaired persons.

Touch Bionics

Touch BionicsTouch Bionics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies and supporting services designed to achieve positive outcomes for people with upper limb deficiencies. Its products include myoelectric proshetic hand and prosthetic finger solutions, as well as passive silicone prostheses that closely match the natural appearance of the wearer. The company is committed to helping ensure that patients and customers have the best possible experiences with its products by supporting them with training and a full range of clinical services.

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Trig Avionics

Trig AvionicsTrig Avionics develop and manufacture communications, navigation and surveillance products for light and general aviation. The company's first products are Mode S transponders. Aircraft carry transponders to assist in identifying them on radar and on other aircraft's collision avoidance systems. The Trig line-up includes the most popular Mode S retrofit solution for GA aircraft, the world's smallest and lightest Mode S transponder, and the first European certified ADS-B Out transponder. Trig is selling their products through a network of dealers across Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company is established as one of the leading brands in their market.

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VerisimVerisim provides unique software simulations, predominantly for the financial services industry, to ensure rapid application acceptance across the project lifecycle. Our simulation solutions assist in training employees on an application, prototyping an application and communicating application benefits to customers. Verisim’s simulation model mirrors the complete operating functionality of the real application in a safe, risk-free environment. We are also a Complementary Solutions Partner for Temenos, providing software simulations for the training of employees on Temenos T24 core banking implementations.

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XI Engineering Consultants Limited

XI Engineering Consultants LimitedXi Engineering Consultants is a world class firm with in-depth expertise in the diagnosis and removal of existing and potential vibration and noise issues. We do this by delivering whole-of-life solutions that are based on rigorous scientific measurement and exacting system modelling. Xi have a strong multi-disciplinary team of specialists enabling us to work across a wide variety of sectors such as renewable energy, construction industry, marine and defence. With applied ingenuity we go the extra mile and assist clients from ideas generation through to detailed implementation.

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Latest News

Archangels reports exceptional year of investment in Scottish businesses

24 Feb 2015
Archangels, the prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing for over two decades, announces today (Tuesday 24th February) that 2014 represented one of its most active years for investment in Scottish-based early stage and established technology and life sciences businesses and provided strong levels of returns for investors.

Archangels and SIB invest £3.3m in three Scottish companies

15 Feb 2015
Archangels, the prominent business angel syndicate which has been at the forefront of early stage investing in Scotland for more than two decades, announces that, alongside Scottish Enterprise's investment arm, Scottish Investment Bank (SIB), it has completed additional rounds of funding totalling over £3.3m for three growing Scottish businesses.

Powerphotonic - Beam Shaper Optics for Industrial Materials Processing

01 Oct 2014
PowerPhotonic continues to expand its range of beam shaper micro-optics for industrial materials processing. There are options for all laser types including single mode and multi-mode lasers. Designed in UV-fused silica glass, they are ideal for multi kilowatt high power applications. Greater than 95% intensity uniformity can easily be achieved

Airborne Energy in action

20 Sep 2014
Airborne Energy's vertical axis turbines have now been installed on several test sites. Click on the link below to view one in action.

Cable gets to grips with Great British design

25 Jun 2014
Business Secretary, Vince Cable, saw bionic limbs, an airship and a model of a hypersonic aircraft when he launched the ‘Pioneering Great British Products' report at Liverpool's Life Sciences University Technical College.