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Amadeus and Angels Seed Fund

Amadeus and Angels Seed FundArchangel investors have committed £1m to the Amadeus and Angels Seed Fund, which invests in UK based technology opportunities that can revolutionise markets and that need a seed stage investment to prove out the opportunity. With £10m directly under management Amadeus seeks companies with ambitious teams, powerful ideas and a defensible technology or competitive advantage.

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Seraphim Capital

Seraphim CapitalSeraphim Capital is a £30m venture capital Fund in which Archangel investors have committed £1m. The Fund's primary focus is on UK centric companies looking for equity capital of between £0.75 million and £2.0 million. The Fund's unique strength is its network of private investors, a national group consisting of some of the UK's most successful and influential business leaders. These are typically CEOs, Chairmen, non-exec directors and successful entrepreneurs who are re-cycling returns from their own enterprises.

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Latest News

Alpiq acquires Flexitricity Limited, a British market leader in demand response

22 Apr 2014
Lausanne (Switzerland) - Alpiq has acquired the British company Flexitricity. With this acquisition, Alpiq can support its strategy implementation by gaining access to specialised know-how and new markets in the area of decentralised energy management. Flexitricity is Great Britain’s leader in the management of networked services.

Calcivis® Caries Activity Imaging System Granted CE Mark

21 Apr 2014
Edinburgh, 12 February 2014 - Calcivis, a medical devices company focused on revolutionising the management of tooth decay, today announces that its Calcivis® Caries Activity Imaging System has been granted a CE Mark in Europe. A CE Mark is required before a medical device can be marketed in the EU and a number of other countries and signifies that the manufacturer meets the requirements of European legislation.

Bloxx Awarded International Patents

27 Mar 2014
Bloxx Awarded International Patents for its Dynamic Real-Time Web Page Categorisation Software

Touch Bionics sales reach £12.3 million in 2013

20 Jan 2014
20 January 2014 – Touch Bionics, a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies, today announced that preliminary results indicate the company achieved revenue growth of 23% in 2013 to reach £12.3m in total sales.

PowerPhotonic Signs Partnership Deal in Israel

25 Oct 2013
World leader in precision laser micro-optics expands presence in new markets.